Software Solutions

  • AbbyyLicensed Data Capture Vendor
  • Certified Web Base / Database Developers ( Sql& Oracle)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Document Management Solution
  • Digital Archiving of Hard Copy Documents
  • Conversion of Paper Document Into Editable Documents

Hardware Solutions

  • Sales and Servicing of Computer System
  • Sales, Installation, Servicing of Mast and ICT Network Infrastructure
  • Camera, CCTV, PABX & Electrical Installations
  • Printers, Scanners, Photocopiers, Hubs, Switches, Network & Fiber Cables

Electronic Solutions

  • Supply of all Bulbs, Halogen, Florescent,Fittings andElectronic Ballast
  • Supply of Backup Batteries, UPS , Inverters & Thermometers
  • Supply of all Electric Cables (Nigeria or Europe), Armored Cables
  • Supply of Cable Extension Lead and Screw Drivers
  • Security locks with Biometrics

Mechanical & Safety Solutions

  • Supply of Bolts and Anchors, Threaded Rods, Oxygen & Acetylene Brazing Kit
  • Supply of Clamps, Drill Machine, Hammers, Air Hose and WD40
  • Supply of Life Buoys with Ropes, Harness and Lanyard
  • Supply of Hand Glove, Safety Goggles and Ear Muffler