Mechanical & Safety Solutions

  • Supply of Bolts and Anchors, Threaded Rods, Oxygen & Acetylene Brazing Kit

We supply various types of bolts &anchors and nuts namely fish bolt & nut, T head bolt & nut, square head bolt & nut, crossing bolt & nut, hook bolt & nut, distance bolt & nut, switch heel bolt & nut, stud bolt & nut, and others. We can supply bolts having various types of heads like round, square, hexagonal, ‘T’ shape, etc. The neck of the bolts can be cylindrical, oval or square. We offer bolts and nuts with UNC, ISO, BSW threads or to customer’s specifications.


We also supply weld iron and steel pipes or the portable oxy acetylene torch kit to fabricate metal artwork as well as brazing, cutting, bending and forming. The complete torch kit includes a 20 cubic ft. oxygen tank and 10 cubic ft. acetylene tank with regulators along with chrome-plated brass torch assembly with turbo lever. Accessories with the kit include a torch flint spark lighter, goggles and a poly carrier tote.

  • Professional-quality Victor-style torch
  • Brass torch handle
  • Brass cutting attachments with stainless steel gas tubes and cutting lever
  • CGA 540 oxygen regulator, CGA 200 acetylene regulator
  • 25 ft. dual line braided hose
  • Check valves


  • Supply of Clamps, Drill Machine, Hammers, Air Hose and WD40

Ranging from Industrial Drilling Machines, Clamps, Hammers of different sizes, WD-40, Radial Drilling Machine, Pillar Drill Machine, Milling Cum Drilling Machine, Double Column Heavy Duty Radial Drills, Rigid Radial Drill Machines, and Standard Radial Drills. These are manufactured from graded raw material procured from reliable sources and confirm to the international standards.



  • Supply of Life Buoys with Ropes, Harness and Lanyard, Hand Glove, Safety Goggles and Ear Muffler

Safety is paramount to us there we offer best standards only where it come to items like Life Buoys with Ropes, Harness and Lanyard, Hand Glove, Safety Goggles and Ear Muffler. Our clients know that Chip Point Solutions Ltd strictly adheres to a “Total Quality Management” system in the supply of goods and services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we remain focused on our objective: Complete Customer Satisfaction.