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To put it simply, we can and will do whatever it takes to deliver the product you need in the parameters you require. We work with all current and relevant technologies in web, mobile and cloud; we deliver turn-key projects or provide flexible, on-demand staffing extensions for your own team; and we can develop custom-built new software products or upgrade and maintain existing software for your company.

No matter what kind of solution you need, we will start by understanding your business processes as well as your current pain. We have the business and technical expertise to assist at any level during a deployment. We offer business process consulting, custom module development, data integration services, public and private on-line training and many other services helpful to software deployments.

Software Development

Develop new software products or upgrade and maintain existing software for your company.

Pension Remittance

Submit, monthly pension remittances or schedules to PFA and PFC. It is easy, secure and fast.

Document Management

Scan, Convert, Validate, Index and Export into Excel Spreadsheet, Word and Searchable PDFs.

We're pretty good at these things too

Creat Searchable Libraries

Existing libraries turn to fully searchable high-resolution PDF files right in there thanks to smooth SharePoint integration. All new documents become search-friendly either on arrival or upon schedule..

Digital Archiving

Automate archiving of financial documents by using intelligent classification and data extraction rules for compliance and optimize storage.

Opening of New Accounts

Automate the opening of bank accounts so institutions can eliminate costly and error-prone manual work, ensure high-quality data and shorten the overall process.

Document Conversion

Scanning, Converting, Validating, Indexing and Exporting into Excel Spreadsheet, Word and Searchable PDFs.

We can help you with...

Software Development 100%
Pension Remittance 100%
Document Management 100%
Digital Archiving 100%

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